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The rise of smartphones and WiFi has made it easy for people to access information about financial matters. On the other hand, books remain an excellent resource for learning about personal finance.

Besides personal finance, some books cover various personal finance topics such as real estate, stocks, and retirement. One of the most important factors that people can consider when planning for their retirement is having a general understanding of how to manage their finances. This is why we’re sharing what we feel are some of the best retirement planning books for 2022.


“Retirement Planning Guidebook” by Wade D. Pfau

 For people looking for a comprehensive look at how to plan for their retirement, look no further than Wade Pfau. He is a prominent retirement researcher and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, and works for inStream and MacLean Asset Management. He also runs a website that compiles his research.

In his latest book, Pfau provides an in-depth look at how to plan for your retirement. This comprehensive guide can help you find your goals and manage your finances in retirement. It also covers various insurance and investment options and Social Security.


“The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey

In his book, Dave Ramsey, a nationally known radio personality, provides a seven-step plan to help people achieve financial security. His first step is to establish an emergency fund. He then follows up with a debt-free lifestyle by paying off debts and investing 15% of his income for retirement.

The lessons in this book can be beneficial for people who have not started saving for their retirement. It has already sold more than 5 million copies.


“How to Make Your Money Last” by Jane Bryant Quinn

In her book, Quinn, a financial journalist, explores various strategies that people can use to boost their savings and their Social Security benefits. She also provides tips for how to manage their finances in retirement. While it doesn’t offer a comprehensive look at personal finance, the book does give a lot of practical guidance.


Financial literacy is a core component of financial education, and books are a great way to improve one’s financial knowledge. There are a variety of books that are geared toward helping people plan for their retirement.