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Matt Walker


Owner of Absolute Retirement Solutions in Kansas City, Kansas

Meet Matt Walker


Matt Walker is the CEO and owner of Absolute Retirement Solutions, a retirement and income preparation firm based in Kansas City, Kansas. For over 16 years, Matt has provided financial guidance to his community and clients, helping to build and protect their income in retirement. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics with a focus in Finance. 

In 2004, Matt began his career as a Financial Advisor and Manager at Legacy Financial Group. There, he began to build the foundation of his career, learning as much as he could about providing clients with customized solutions and leading a team of financial professionals. After 5 years with Legacy Financial Group, he realized he had some ideas of his own and began developing his own companies. 

Now, Matt Walker has built multiple retirement companies, including Absolute Retirement Solutions, which focuses on retirement and insurance solutions for retirees and pre-retirees. He has also developed his own client management system that will help to streamline internal operations within financial services firms all over the country. The idea was borne from Matt’s frustration with existing software. He needed something that would help track all the moving parts, provide materials for agents and advisors and, most importantly, be designed with financial professionals in mind.

While the software was initially meant to help him run his firm more smoothly, other financial professionals began to notice it’s efficiency and effectiveness. Matt Walker realized how helpful the software would be—especially to smaller financial service firms. Understanding that the industry is currently in a period of transformation, Matt believes his software will help smaller firms keep up with changes within the realm of financial preparation. 

At the heart of all of Matt’s entrepreneurial and financial services endeavors is his philosophy that people should have control over their own financial destiny. Teaching financial literacy to his clients is a key component of his business. If clients have been informed and guided properly, they will be able to make more informed decisions regarding the options they were provided.

Matt and Absolute Retirement Solutions employ a conservative and protective approach to retirement income preparation. Rather than offer the full gamut of services, he and his employees focus exclusively on retirement and insurance solutions. They abide by the belief that it is best to do one thing extraordinarily well than to do a variety of things mediocrely. 

While his career and clients are of the utmost importance to Matt Walker, his number one priority has always been—and always will be—his family. Matt met his wife during a college art class when he saved her from an unfortunate incident involving a kiln. Now, the couple have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful children together. 

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